9 Day Program

Isagenix 9 Day System

Deep Cleansing System

This is the original cleansing program created by John Anderson for Isagenix. Always a great choice when looking for deep cellular cleansing support. Many people use this system at various times throughout the year. Especially popular before vacations and after holidays, when too many snacks have been partaken of, or the waistline starts to bulge a bit. This 9 day program is a fantastic tool to help your body back on track. Average weight loss in a recent study was 7 lbs! Many times people try this program as an introduction – to test the waters so to speak. Great results are encouraging and people usually come back again for either another 9 Day Program or for the 30 Day Program. There are great maintenance programs as well. To get started with this program you have several choices:

First – Retail or Wholesale? You will have to decide if you want to buy it retail ($176 plus tax and shipping), or go ahead and get set up to buy it wholesale ($132 plus tax and shipping). It will cost $39 to become a wholesale associate (you can buy wholesale for a year) – or if you set up a shipment to come regularly it will only be $19 – or sometimes it is even free! Second – Liquid or Powder? The Cleanse for Life drink comes in either a liquid (usually I recommend this) or powder (convenient for traveling). Isagenix has recently come out with a new version of the powdered cleanse that is reported to be 2 to 3 times stronger in the cleansing and fat burning properties. John Anderson himself recommends this new powder over the liquid. It tastes almost like a berry Kool-aid. Very easy to drink..so very easy to cleanse, so if you want to get the powdered cleanse I would say “Go for it!” Third – Chocolate or Vanilla? The IsaLean Shake comes in either Creamy Chocolate or Creamy Vanilla. Choose the flavor that appeals to you the most. Both really taste great. The (important) Isagenix Snacks that come in the 9 day will be chocolate if you get all chocolate shake or they will be vanilla if you choose the vanilla shake.

Everything that is included in the 9 Day Nutritional Cleansing System:

2 Bottles of Cleanse for Life 1 Canister IsaLean Shake 1 Bottle of Isagenix Snacks 1 Bottle Natural Accelerator Capsules 1 Program Guide 1 Cleanse for Life CD

Feel free to call or email if you have questions. Or order by choosing a link below: Buy Now